I began my walk with nature at an early age. My earliest memories are of Illinois cornfields stretching as far as the eye can see. Later, I experienced the spray of the Monterey surf and the majesty of Yosemite. But in all of my travels, I have felt most connected to the quiet, barren places of the world — Connemara Ireland and Death Valley for example. Deepest in my heart is the Navajo Nation in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

As a child I learned that the Earth reveals her mysteries only to those that are receptive to her spirit. When we are patient, silent and attentive, she speaks to the soul. When I was 10, I got a second-hand camera from a garage sale and soon learned that a camera can be more than a documentary tool. I learned that photographs can capture the essence of life, lift spirits and help others connect with the natural world.

My technical approach is the same as the masters that have come before: first, to capture the scene with the best possible composition and lighting, and second to print an image in a way that reflects the mood that was present at the scene. Whether working in large format, medium format, digital 35mm, color, black and white, or infrared, I select the tools and methods that will immerse the viewer in the light and healing power of nature in the most direct way possible. Deeply moving images come not from the selection of equipment but from the spiritual connectedness and skill of the artist in bringing all of the elements together.

My wife, Allison, is my partner in bringing this beauty into the world. She plays such an important role in this work. She endures time away from me, accepts damage to our truck and patches me up when I return from a trip injured in some foolhardy pursuit to capture the light. But more than anything, I’m grateful for her example of compassion and service. She has shown me how to share my talents for the benefit and enjoyment of others. We share the desire to help others feel the healing energy of the natural world and develop their own spiritual awakening.

We invite you to enjoy the photographs on this site and to experience the beauty and spiritual energy of nature.